Aquarian Yoga

Kundalini Yoga and Healing Therapies

I also offer one-to-one sessions of Kundalini Yoga or Yin Yoga.

These private classes can be tailored to your individual needs – for example, to work on a particular physical or emotional issue, or to deepen your practice in a particular area.

Or maybe you’d like to learn a Kundalini kriya based on your individual life path, using your birth date? Using Kundalini numerology I can work out which kriyas and meditations will help you meet your particular challenges in this life and at this time.

These sessions are for all levels of experience and physical fitness/flexibility. If you find it challenging to sit on the floor, I can teach you how to do yoga from your chair! Kundalini Yoga is a sacred technology that belongs to everyone, so whatever your situation we’ll find a way that works for you.

Sessions are priced at £60 for 90 minutes, or £165 for three sessions. Bookings can be paid for online through PayPal, or by cheque/cash.

I can deliver the session in your own home (a little extra for travel expenses may apply depending on how far away you are), or at my home on the edge of Slough/Datchet. Other locations may also be available so please ask.

Each session will usually include a warm-up, a kriya (set of exercises), a deep relaxation and a meditation. But this can be varied to suit your particular needs.

Most of all, the session is a chance for you to spend some time just for you, giving your body, mind and soul a little bit of what you need…

For private sessions for more than one person start at £50/hour, please enquire for detailed prices.